SUM Computers, Inc. believes that used computers should not be expensive. If you are buying a second computer for kids so they are off your computer or if you are buying your first computer, you should not have to pay a lot for it. The best deals are on eBay™, Amazon™ or Google™ so why not walk in a store who sells on those avenue. This way you know you are getting the best deal in town. We also provide auction service for our consignment, if you have a decent amount of inventory we can sell them on all online avenue for you. Please contact us for details on that. SUM Computers, Inc. provides the following services.

  • Best deals on computers, laptop and flat monitors.
  • Check out our store.
  • Sell your equipment through our online auctions.
  • Bring you item for recycle.  We take most items for free.
  • We can provide Appraisals for you.